Mercurious Designs

My Process

Details and in progress shots. Please see my Instagram, @catfritsch for up to date work and other fun pictures. All images property of Mercurious Designs unless otherwise credited.

Tailoring details, top left to bottom right: Two Gentlemen of Verona/IRT, Salieri for Amadeus, Syracuse Stage, Sherlock Holmes/IRT, mockup for I Due Figaro Manhattan School of Music, woman’s jacket detail, Terra Cotta Soldier/The Children’s Museum of Indpls, Slacks/La Bella Donna, corset detail/RueViolet, skirt detail/Rue Violet.

Wood and leather hooves made for Holliday Park Nature Center play area, 2008.

Process: EVA suits for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Left to right, top to bottom: testing stain resistance in various swatches, testing PVC pipes , helmets in process, packs in process. 

Detail of menswear costume for visitors to try on at the Balloon Voyage area, Conner Prairie. Costume is made as all one piece, open up the back.

A sampling of in progress and finished custom dance costumes.

IndyCar Girls costumes for IMS, 2015.

Photos provided by Pattern Magazine.

In progress pictures of Pirates and Princesses Storybook costumes for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.