About Mercurious


Cathy Fritsch

E-mail: catfritsch@gmail.com

Phone: (317) 773-0570

The name Mercurious came from mercurial (changeable, quick, the Roman god Mercury) and curious, which are  good descriptors for how I approach my business. I make patterns for and sew pretty much anything, and I’m allowing my customers needs to influence the direction of my business. I am fast at what I do, and can adapt easily to new challenges.

My studio on a rainy day...foreground is the fitting area, background is my work table.

I’m interested in unusual projects, and am always developing new skills.

I am a pattern maker working in professional theatre shops since 1991 . My training is in costume design and technology, though I am working more in fashion and enjoy forays into the arts as well. Over the years, I have built everything from historical garments to  wedding dresses, mascots to zoot suits, dancewear and children’s wear, and even some fun wacky projects like soft sculpture puppets.

For more details, view my resume and portfolio.

In May of 2005 I was awarded a Creative Renewal Grant by the Arts Council of Indianapolis, with which I designed a line of clothing and hosted a fashion show with fourteen other wearable art artists. I have been doing primarily custom clothing and pattern/sample making since August of 2007. I enjoy working with other designers and entrepreneurs.

As a side project, my husband and I created Inside Leg Measurement Database, a website that allows professional costume shops to exchange measurement information quickly and easily. It has been running since 2004.

Photo by Polina Osherov